chasing shadows again

{April 21, 2007}   What am I….

…in love with?at the end of The Esplanade a poem post on in this silence, which seems to have poems that blaze with the immediate beauty and bravery of falling stars. Keep reading on this page – it’s the kind of night that is a meteor shower – not a single, lonely comet. It (along with an earlier e-mail mentioning it, followed by a surprise contact from the person who ran it) reminds me of how much I miss my poetry readings. I want to hear that poem read aloud. I want to read it aloud. I want to hear where my emphasis differs, where my voice would catch and where the author’s would. I want to hear my hear my lovers read it – I want to know at what second, on what word, they would meet my eyes.

—my girlfriend, who knits things that are fantastic – and will send one to me if I ask, though scarves are of little use here in the land of loud and quite tropical birds. I would love it anyway, and I am sure she would do it anyway. I am in love with hand made scarves, especially when made for me. I am all the more aware of them, because I cannot knit, and the very fact that it can be done seems somehow magical.

Perhaps I should get a poetry group going here. Or rather, a writings and et cetera group. I fear I would end up with something like the first poetry group I knew – carefully outlined and distant, and nothing like the second – intimate and fearless. I know I cannot create the second, that’s not the sort of thing you can engineer, and I will have little patience for the first.

I know where I would like to have it though. There is a coffeeshop not far from here, it’s a small place and the coffee takes forever in comparison to every other coffeeshop but I think that somehow they get love into the coffee because it tastes like no other coffee I’ve ever had. Even if I try and no one comes, it will be worth the trip just for that coffee.


Molli says:

I would be at that coffee shop in a heartbeat! With regard to your comments in the opening paragraph, they go beyond extraordinary! Far more poetic than the poem you commented on. All I can say is ‘thank you’ and hope you realise just how sincere my gratitude is for your kindness.

I tried to backtrack you through the comment you left at my site, but I’m afraid I haven’t learned to navigate around here very well and I kept receiving messages telling me “no posts here” or some such thing.
I will endeavour to read your writings thoroughly now that I know where to find you. What a treasure you are! Many, many thanks again, fox. You’ve helped bring such light into my night here and that is an incomparable gift. 🙂

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