chasing shadows again

{April 21, 2007}   in which I actually post a poem

I’ve come back to her now
closer than her haunting dreams
she still sings for me
time can never change her
could never hold hold the sea

she rises up to whisper
to tell me what I need
she’s not like other lovers
she speaks to me in tongues
in the breath from sailors’ graves
cold against my skin
I shake the salt from the sheets when she leaves

she’s walked up from the ocean
but never left my dreams
even when I sleep tangled in her hair
all she does is call
all she does is linger

in every breath of crashing wave
she calls
she cries
she screams
my love come home
come back to me
bring the wounds that will not heal
bring your blood that doesn’t sing
bring the broken shards of dream
but come home
back to me

I can taste her kisses on my skin
this love is forever
and maybe after then
light shimmers over her skin
in rippling paths of truth and shadow
that will always lead me home
back to her
back to me

if I stray too far she calls
she cries
she begs
she screams
my love come home
come back to me
bring your wounds that will not heal
bring your silence and your fears
bring the light you cannot see
and just come home
come back to me

I wake tangled in her hair
surrendered to our dreams
she’s not like other lovers
I shake the salt from the sheets when she leaves

I really never have lived in a state that does not border the sea, and there are times when my writing reminds me that I am probably incapable of escaping her.

This poem, like most of mine, is more meant to be read aloud. I’m not sure how it flows in typed words. But most of my poems are like that.

I’m still working on the new poem, but I thought I’d toss this one up meanwhile.


Molli says:

I’m awfully glad you did! This poem sings! You wonder how it comes across in a typed format? It flows beautifully. I can just hear music playing along in perfect counterpoint…. and I can hear the sea. You’ve written a mermaid, a siren onto the page and she’s breathing and singing and so very, very alive!

Your use of repetition is superb. It’s what gives this such a lyrical, almost hypnotic feel.
I LOVE this line:
I shake the salt from the sheets when she leaves
Admittedly, concluding lines usually do grab me, but this line stood out for me from its first use near the beginning of the poem.
What a joy you’ve posted! 🙂

fox says:

If you don’t sell it on a opening line, sell on a closing one! *G* Actually, that line was the beginning of the inspiration for the poem – and the second I wrote that I two things:

1. This was not the poem I had meant to write.
2. This was something I was quite in love with. Whether or not anyone else loved it at that point was irrelevant. I actually called my ex-fiancee (yes, really) and read him the poem the second it was done.

Thank you very much for the review – very few of my poems have been shared in written format in the last few years, I am very much afraid they will not work out unspoken.

Ravyn says:

Beautiful work, love, as always. You never, EVER fail to inspire me with your writing…I wish I could be half the writer you were.


fox says:


Don’t worry over the writing, love – you’re incredible. You should see me try to write anything resembling that silky dark thing you do. Or, perhaps you shouldn’t, because try as I might I cannot get words to be dangerous, murderous, and sexy with that slight spike of bloodlust – I want to taste the things you write because I know they will taste like raspberries and honey and a few drops of blood.

Now write me more…?

Manymeez says:

This poem is absolutely beautiful! It sent my head into a dizzy spin, with inspiration. I think I will go grab a pen…you’ve ignited a spark within me! thanks!

fox says:

Thank you! Absolutely delighted to have inspired you. I’d love to see what comes of it, although the boxes of writing I don’t share means I’ll completely understand if you’d rather keep it private. However that works out, I’m sure it will be amazing.

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