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{April 15, 2007}   good morning cosmos…sunday morning coffee with Postsecret

Sunday morning is for secrets, and has been since just after I met Frank Warren. Sunday mornings with coffee and postcards from strangers was at first my sense of connection to the world, reading secrets that could have been mine reminded me I was not as alone as I thought. Now that I’ve moved to Hawai’i, my Sunday morning ritual is all the more important – it’s one of the few things I have left of a life I ran out on a bit too quickly to wrap up loose ends. Everything about home seems unfinished and still bleeding, even three months later.

If you must read only one, I’d make it this one. While the ones that touch on pain can seem closer to me, I think I most love to share the ones that have more hope, more joy, more love. And that…that makes me fall in love with this one. That someone sent a message I feel so deeply still written on one of my favorite sculptures ever also touches me – if in entirely different and more painful ways.

Also up this week is a letter from Tina Malament, who discusses briefly her response to anorexia and the tshirts she’s made. I definitely must congratulate her on her efforts to bring more attention to what is so often a disease that is near impossible to talk about. The A(norexia) N(ervosa) and A(ssociated) D(isorders) webpage offers information on support groups, information on finding a therapist, information on anorexia and other eating disorders, and candlelight vigils.


Thanks for the props! I’m bored and have been cruising around the internet, came across your blog… I really appreciate the honor. ❤

fox says:

You are most welcome. 🙂 Thank you for doing the speaking out that people often can’t.

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