chasing shadows again

{April 6, 2007}   good morning cosmos

My current project is to get my room to smell like incense – which is harder than one might think as here in the land of loud birds we do not have air conditioning, we simply have large windows and sliding doors. It makes things a touch more difficult, but I picked up vanilla sandalwood incense and the most adorable little panda to hold it.

So far today is lazy. I want to devise a recipe for either a variation on the mango and beans dish I had yesterday (mango is so neat with red bell pepper!) or else try to make a dessert souffle. I should call a couple I met awhile ago and see if we can do anything soon, I should try to actually hang out with people now and again in person.

I would like someone with beautiful eyes to be lost in for awhile. Haunting eyes and echoes like mist from the sea and rain over desert sands that rises tiny comet impact trails. I would prefer if the eyes were blue or green (everyone needs goals somewhere) but any with the appropriate echoes would be more than welcome.

I need to fall in love with someone I can touch.

I should write a poem.

I should pray.

But first…coffee!


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