chasing shadows again

{April 5, 2007}   What am I…

…reading? —The Thousand and One Nights, translated by Edward William Lane – Getting Stoned With Savages, J. Maarten Troost – and reading aloud to a friend Tamsin, Peter S. Beagle.

…writing? —i’m working on a poem for my girlfriend – which is going on in fits and starts. No real writing projects right now, though I have been doing tandem exercises with a friend (really, it’s just like skydiving with friends!) and if I get into another one I may toss it up. We shall see.

…making? —right now, this webpage. I have beads half sorted for a few projects, but nothing is done or moved to ‘work in progress’ in that sense.

…checking out? —strange maps – specifically this one of Kerouac’s

…laughing at? —my brother’s insane puppy (who just may be the cutest Boxer ever)

…in love with? —many, many things – for now I’m going with RUM – Captain Morgan Private Stock or (when I can get my hands on it) Stroh 80

…terrified by? —oompa-loompas (have been forever!)


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